Interior design for people with visual impairment

October 2014

Jacqui Smith, Homesmiths Ltd.

A guide for interior designers on designing accommodation and living spaces for people with sight loss. Developed by the Thomas Pocklington Trust, this guide covers function and purpose, layout, light and colour in design for people with with visual impairment.

Key Facts: Interior design for sight loss

  • Interior design for sight loss should be underpinned by an understanding of the purpose of the space and the needs of the person living in it.
  • Furniture and equipment should be logically laid out, with plenty of space and easy access to windows, radiators and electrical controls.
  • Maximising light is the main objective when planning lighting schemes.
  • Contrasting colours between surfaces helps people distinguish between objects and their surroundings.


Homes and Living Spaces for People with Sight Loss: A Guide for Interior Designers

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