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Our  We Work videos shine a light on people working in a range of roles and sectors. Transcripts for each of the films can be found on the You Tube page where the video is hosted.

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Russell Cable

''Don’t let your eyes become what you are, make them who you are.'' When Russell was diagnosed with sight loss, he thought that his career aspirations and goals would never come true. He is now the Data Systems Manager at Thomas Pocklington Trust.

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Lucy Wilson

Lucy has Retinitis Pigmentosa and works for Sainsbury's in Cranleigh. Her job role is to tidy up the shop. She talks us through her job, which she has been doing for 18 years, and her life outside of work.

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Victoria Youens

A qualified teacher for children with vision impairment, discusses how her own visual impairment allows her to better empathise with and understand her students, highlighting the importance of teachers like her in schools and education.

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Emma Hillyard

A Pilates instructor who is visually impaired, shares her journey to pursuing a career in a field she is passionate about, emphasising the importance of career advice and following one's passion.

Default imagePlay video Victoria Oruwari

Victoria Oruwari

A blind classical singer and psychotherapist, talks about her musical journey and the importance of finding passion in one's career, regardless of the challenges faced.

Default imagePlay video Renu Walia

Renu Walia

An Eye Clinic Liaison Officer, shares her employment journey through volunteering and emphasises the value of her lived experience in providing advice to visually impaired individuals looking for work.

Default imagePlay video Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis

An advisor and consultant on telecom industry accessibility, expresses his passion for his work and discusses what inspired him to start his own company, calling for more career opportunities for visually impaired people.

Default imagePlay video Haren Thillainathan

Haren Thillainathan

A Senior Regulatory Policy Manager, discusses his journey back into work after losing his sight and offers advice to others in a similar position.

Default imagePlay video Callum Stoneman

Callum Stoneman

A Network Designer, shares his perspective on work, the assistive technology he uses, and offers advice to blind and partially sighted individuals looking to advance in their careers.

Default imagePlay video Mark Russell

Mark Russell

A manager at KPMG, talks about his role and career journey, emphasising the importance of a diverse workforce and providing guidance to blind and partially sighted individuals exploring their careers.

Default imagePlay video Breandan Ward

Breandan Ward

A leadership coach and disability lecturer with a genetic vision condition, stresses the importance of persistence and adaptability in both personal and professional life as a blind individual.

Default imagePlay video Jesse Dufton

Jesse Dufton

A Principal Patent Engineer, shares his passion for his role and discusses how his vision impairment has required him to develop new skills such as problem-solving and determination.

Always Ask a Question: Alex’s Intern Journey

Former communications Intern, Alex Henderson, shares his experience of interviewing for his role at Thomas Pocklington Trust.

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Climbing Blind: Jesse’s Inspiring Journey

How is someone with almost no sight able to scale climbing walls and large rockfaces? Jesse Dufton tells us about his passion for climbing and how his climber's perspective has helped in his career.

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A Career in the Civil Service: What’s Involved

TPT’s Senior Employment Manager Martin Sigsworth was In conversation with special guest Katy about her employment journey in the civil service.

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A Career in Banking: What’s Involved

Jenny Colvin, Associate Director at Standard Chartered, shared her career journey into banking and how she overcame obstacles during her career.

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