Choosing cooking appliances for people with sight loss

January 2015


As cooking appliances move towards the trend of touchscreen interfaces, they are becoming less accessible to people with sight loss. A study from Rica and Thomas Pocklington Trust has found that, for vision impaired people, the perfect cooker, oven, hob and microwave does not exist but this practical guide outlines how to choose the best home appliances for sight loss.


Key Facts: Home appliances for sight loss

  • Appliances have moved toward touch screen interfaces that require the user to see the information being displayed.
  • High quality products are often more complicated and less accessible to those with sight loss.
  • Participants in the study were unhappy to pay more for accessible design features or modifications.
  • Salespeople were unable to understand the accessibility needs of people with sight loss.


Choosing Cookers, Ovens, Hobs and Microwaves.

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