Access and Inclusion

Thomas Pocklington Trust is dedicated to building an inclusive and equitable society for blind and partially sighted people. At our core, we believe in the power of individuals to drive this positive change in their own lives, communities, and society as a whole.

Our primary campaigns are centred around transport, the built environment and health, as well as local campaigns championed by volunteer members from Sight Loss Councils. Sight Loss Councils are regional groups led by our blind and partially sighted volunteers. Together, they work with organisations to ensure what they do is accessible and inclusive. Throughout our work, our main focus remains on improving accessibility and fostering positive societal attitudes towards blind and partially sighted individuals.

We take immense pride in spearheading campaigns and collaborating with strategic partners who share our mission. We work to ensure future legislation doesn’t hinder the opportunities of blind and partially sighted people, consulting with government and ensuring maximum accessibility of information.

But real change begins with collective action. To achieve our goals, we rely on your support to engage in various actions, big or small, to make a difference. From simple acts like signing petitions and sharing impactful posts on social media to more proactive steps –  like writing to your local Member of Parliament, contacting you Councillor or collaboratively engaging with local businesses – every act brings us closer to creating a more inclusive world for people with visual impairments.

See our campaigns in your local area by Sight Loss Councils.

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Over half of people with vision impairment find it difficult to navigate public transport but together, we can change this reality. Find out more about our #MakeTransportAccessible campaign.

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Built Environment

We campaign for the creation of inclusive built environments, where blind and partially sighted individuals can navigate public spaces independently and safely.

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Find out about our work to Make Health Accessible for blind and partially sighted people across the country.

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