Discover how partnering with us can help you embrace diversity and inclusivity. Access valuable resources to support your visually impaired colleagues on various topics such as reasonable adjustments and accessible communications without using technical jargon.

Watch our video in the above banner with employers from BT, Wired Magazine, KPMG, and Intelligent Energy who share their experiences and highlight the benefits of hiring a diverse workforce. They also discuss the adaptations that can be made in the workplace and offer advice to other organisations interested in employing blind or partially sighted individuals.

We also have our #BlindAndAble videos which demonstrate how visually impaired individuals effectively use software, like screen readers, to manage social media, schedule meetings, or create
presentations. Our We Work videos and stories shine a light on people working in a range of roles and sectors.

There is information on Access to Work, an employment support grant scheme that aims to assist individuals with disabilities in starting or staying in work. Surprisingly, only 5% of small business employers have utilized this scheme, despite 45% being aware of it according to a recent study by the Federation of Small Businesses.

Gov.uk has useful advice guidance for employers hiring people with disabilities.

Seeing Beyond Disability: Callum Stoneman

Callum Stoneman is a Network Designer at BT through its graduate scheme. We share his story securing this role and a video one year later with what working means to him, the assistive technology he uses and advice to other blind and partially sighted people looking to progress their careers.

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Employers Getting it Right: Ines Higgins

Ines Higgins talks about her long journey into employment and how her supportive employer has helped her thrive in her role.

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Shadowing at Lockton UK: Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson shares his experience of shadowing the finance department at Lockton UK.

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Employment Stories

Read about the jobs blind and partially sighted people perform in the workplace and the small adjustments their employers put in place to enable them to succeed.

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