At Thomas Pocklington Trust we are committed to breaking down barriers to ensure that blind and partially sighted (BPS) children and young people (CYP) have the right support in place to ensure they have the best outcomes in adulthood. By providing advice, guidance and training to professionals who support them, these obstacles can be overcome.

Children and young people with vision impairment encounter so many professionals during their time in education – from teachers and tutors to careers advisors. Each play a vital role in giving that student the best experience possible and get the most out of the opportunities available.

Vision impairment is a low incidence disability, so you may not have had a lot of experience, if any, working with BPS CYP. You may be wondering how best to support them, or if there is more you could do/be doing to make your support as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Don’t worry, we are here to help…. In this section you will find a collection of useful resources and guidance for the different stages of education: ranging from fundamental need-to knows and key considerations when working with BPS CYP, to more in depth accessibility guides and frameworks.

Our professionals offer is continuously growing, keeping up to date with the changing landscape of education. To find out more about our offer, contact us at:,  or to receive regular updates through our newsletters join our mailing list!

“When I need guidance I will always turn to the TPT pages for support and advice.  They are useful, helpful and very informative.  The signposting within the pages is also very useful as the links provide practical support too.  TPT helps to support my work with BPS CYP”. Claire – QTVI (KS3/4/Post 16).

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