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The Get Set Progress internship programme, a transformative initiative led by Thomas Pocklington Trust, offers paid internship opportunities for blind and partially sighted individuals. This programme opens doors to a diverse talent pool and fosters a more inclusive and innovative work environment. By hosting our interns, you demonstrate your commitment to positive societal impact, levelling the playing field in the job market and promoting fairness.

“We support employers throughout their Get Set Progress experience providing Learning and Development and mentorship for each intern.” – Josh Feehan, Head of Internships

Engaging with the programme is not just about recruitment – it is about making your recruitment practices more inclusive overall. The changes you make can benefit all candidates with disabilities. You’ll also have the opportunity to take part in sessions that increase awareness about vision challenges, fostering understanding and support.

Our internship team can support your organisation to make an internship application.  We have put together a series of resources available on our application portal. Alternatively you can call us for a chat on 020 8995 0880 or email us at: internships@pocklington.org.uk.

GSP Brochure for Employers Sept23 (PDF, 859 KB)


  • Tap into unique talent: By participating in Get Set Progress, your organisation gains access to a pool of talented individuals with fresh ideas and unique perspectives, enriching your work environment and encouraging innovation.
  • Promote inclusivity: Hosting our interns demonstrates your commitment to inclusivity and fairness in recruitment practices. Your engagement benefits all candidates with disabilities, creating a more accessible job market.
  • Customised development: While applicants may have limited work experience, the internship programme offers the opportunity to shape their development to match your specific needs, creating skilled professionals aligned with your organisation’s goals.
  • Enhance awareness: Engage in sessions that increase awareness about vision challenges, fostering understanding and support among your team and improving accommodations for visually impaired employees.

–  We can provide you with a dedicated visual impairment awareness session.

–  Our team can provide an on-premises inclusive employment session.

  • Contribute to diversity: Your participation not only brings exceptional talent to your organisation but also contributes to a more diverse and empathetic workplace.
  • Commercial opportunities: Embrace the Purple Pound, the spending power of disabled households in the UK, which is estimated at £249 billion a year.
  • Advocacy and promotion: Interns often become advocates for host organisations, promoting positive experiences and highlighting your commitment to diversity and equality.
  • Process

    Step 1: Begin your application

    Begin by filling out an application form through our Grants portal. Show us how having an intern would make a positive impact on your organisation. Highlight the role’s importance and the benefits it brings. The form covers essential areas like financial details, safety measures, and your plans for supporting and training the intern.

    Step 2: Write the job description

    Paint a clear picture of the intern’s role. Draft a job description and outline the kind of person you’re looking for. Remember, many candidates might be new to the professional world. Keep expectations realistic. These documents help us understand your proposal better and later serve as valuable tools for evaluating the internship.

    Step 3: Send in your application

    Once your application, documents, and policies are uploaded onto the portal, our team will review them. Within just ten business days after the deadline, we’ll have an answer for you. And don’t worry, our dedicated internship team is here to help you with any questions you might have.

    Step 4: Recruitment

    When your application gets the green light, we’ll let you know about the upcoming recruitment launch dates. We’ve got user-friendly templates for creating a job description and an eye-catching ad for your website. We’ll also spread the word across our networks, reaching even more potential candidates.

    Step 5: Interviews and selection

    With a list of potential interns ready, it’s time for the interview phase. Try to prepare questions that match the job description. To keep things fair, we provide candidates with five pre-interview questions. Your interview panel, which includes recruiting and HR managers, will work together to choose the perfect fit.

    Step 6: Next steps

    Once you have selected your preferred candidate, we will support you to get ready for their start date. We will guide you through the Access to Work process and provide visual awareness training to your staff who will be interacting with the intern.

    We will also start to work with the intern, providing assistive technology training to ensure they hit the ground running as soon as they start working for you.

    Step 7: Ongoing support

    Our internship team are on hand throughout the nine months to ensure the smooth running of the internship. We will have regular meetings with you to discuss progress and address any issues or concerns you may have.

    We can support you through the whole internship application process.  We have also put together a series of resources available on our application portal. Call us for a chat on 020 8995 0880  or email us at: internships@pocklington.org.uk.


Employers have found taking part in the Get Set Progress internship programme to be a transformative experience.

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