Over half of people with vision impairment find it difficult to navigate transport, but together, we can change this reality.

Blind and partially sighted people heavily rely on various forms of transport to navigate their daily lives, whether it is public options like buses, trains, trams and light rail services or private alternatives like taxis and private hire vehicles. Despite the Equality Act 2010 mandating public transport providers to ensure accessibility, many barriers persist, making it difficult for them to access essential services and participate fully in society.

We understand the significant impact these barriers have on the ability and confidence of blind and partially sighted individuals to use transportation services. That is why we are determined to break down these obstacles and advocate for a more accessible transportation system. Together, through our campaigning, we aim to raise awareness, drive change and create a seamless and inclusive transportation experience for all.

Our campaigns rely on the collective effort of compassionate individuals who recognise the importance of accessibility and inclusivity. By working together with Sight Loss Councils, led by blind and partially sighted volunteers, we can address these issues, create positive changes and ensure that transportation becomes an empowering experience for blind and partially sighted individuals.


The #MakeTransportAccessible campaign is dedicated to changing this situation on both local and national levels, addressing accessibility issues head-on. Transport is a vital part of social infrastructure, facilitating access to employment, education, health, community services, recreational activities and more.

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