Technology and DSA

Advancements in technology have provided blind and partially sighted students with greater accessibility to attending higher education than ever before. Below are some of the recommended organisations to contact for further support before applying for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA).

Ability Net and Blind In Business

  • Ability Net and Blind in Business offer advice on moving into education or work including assessments, equipment supply, ICT training and employment services

TPT Student Support Service

Our Student Support Service is here for blind and partially sighted students aged 11+, their families and the professionals that support them. We provide expert advice, information and guidance supporting students to navigate secondary school, college and university. Check out our Student Support Service page to find out more!

We also have a great range of guides covering how you can use technology to thrive in your education, browse our Technology in Education page for more information.

Queen Alexandra College (QAC) Sight Village

  • QAC Sight Village is a series of annual events that take place in multiple locations across the UK; where you can learn more about a wide range of assistive technology and equipment all in one convenient place. The scheduling of these events may be affected by the Covid-19 situation, so check out their website for more information


  • RNIB also has the latest information and updates on the technology that is available to support you

In addition, the following documents provide further recommended information regarding technological support, download them using the links below:

Technology to support your reading – a document produced by the British Dyslexia Society, RNIB and JISC (DOC, 460 KB) Technology for Higher Education (DOCX, 413 KB)

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