Accessible Technology for Students Webinar

Accessible technology enables students with vision impairment to access their studies and make the most of their time at university or college.  But there is so much out there – how do young people know what they need, how to access and get the most from it?

Our webinar in May 2021 discussed the pros and cons of various education technology as well as the assistive technology now available to help students orientate themselves around campus or a new town.

Catch up on the webinar recording below


You can download the powerpoint presentation here

Download a list of useful accessible technology products 

Hosted by Darren Paskell, Technology Manager and Tara Chattaway, Student Support Manager at Thomas Pocklington Trust, we discussed:

  • Magnification products – computer / multi-monitor set up.
  • Braille products.
  • Portable cameras to record information from whiteboards.
  • Assistive screen readers.
  • Getting around campus and in new towns and cities – Be My Eyes, Aira, Soundscape.
  • Other handy tech – ie accessible calculators.

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