Finding a Place at University: Results and Clearing

Results day can be a great opportunity to celebrate your achieved grades and hard work. Whether you got the grades you wanted or not, here we have everything you need to know about taking those next steps into university.

If you are unsure about results day or what your application statuses mean, find out more on the UCAS website.

Achieved your expected results?

If you have achieved your expected grades and the conditions of your offer(s), the university or college will confirm your place online in your UCAS Hub. You will be able to view your confirmation letter and should receive details from the university or college about what to do next.

Better grades than expected?

If you have achieved better grades than you were expecting, you could take this opportunity to reconsider your options. If you want to change university, you can decline your place in your online UCAS Hub and enter the clearing system. If you wish to remain at the same university but change courses, contact your university.

Didn’t get the grades you were expecting?

If you haven’t got the grades you were hoping for – don’t panic, there are still options open to you. If you narrowly missed your grade requirements, your preferred course may still be available. Give the university a call, If the course is not full, you may be able to negotiate to secure a place.

If the university or college which made you a conditional offer still cannot offer you a place, then you can turn to the UCAS clearing system.

Clearing and Clearing Plus

Clearing is a UCAS service for applicants to apply for university or college places which are yet to be filled. It takes place from 6 July to 17 October and is available to any UCAS Undergraduate applicant.

You can use the clearing system if you:

  • Have not achieved the grades you needed.
  • Have not received any offers.
  • Have decided to decline the places you have been offered.

You can access the clearing system via your online UCAS Hub. Find out more about clearing.

If you want to contact universities directly, the Student Room website has a handy page of contact details for Clearing services at universities across the UK.

Clearing Plus

Clearing Plus is a UCAS service which complements the usual clearing process by offering applicants an opportunity to be matched with suitable courses. The aim of the service is to help you find the right course more easily, rather than you having to search through the clearing system yourself.

You can be matched with courses based on:

  • Your original course choices and current qualifications and grades
  • Course availability and entry requirements
  • Trends from previous years of clearing.

Learn more about Clearing Plus and how it works.

Top tips for being ready for university

Wherever you end up studying, whether it’s your original choice or a new option, it is crucial you ensure you have everything in place to get the most out of your studies ahead. With that in mind, here are a few top tips to set you on the right path:


Need further support?

If you need further support, we are here to help. Get in contact with our Student Support Service by visiting our Student Support Service homepage.

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