What is a Lab Technician?

A lab technician provides technical support in practical learning sessions in fields of study such as science, engineering and medicine. They work closely with students to explain experiments or demonstrate how to use equipment, as well as helping lecturers with a class. They can also be known as a laboratory or workshop assistant.

How can they support you?

They can help ensure any workstation set-up meets your access requirements, such as using large-print labelled containers, colour-coding or ordering specialist items to help you identify equipment and materials.

They can provide you with the support and practical assistance you may need to complete required assignments in your workshops and or laboratory work. They can be used to help with science classes, such as chemistry or medicine, but also with arts modules when helping with equipment and devices.

It’s a good idea to establish a good working relationship with these professionals, as they can be essential for making the practical side of your course accessible.

How do you access their support?

Lab technicians will be based in and employed by the university. The types of support you may need from a lab technician can be explored with your disability adviser, DSA needs assessor and teaching staff on your course. It is a good idea to consider what support you might need in your practical sessions on your course and raise these with the staff members mentioned above to ensure you get the right support put in place.

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