Student Transitions

Empowering blind and partially sighted students to make the most of the key moments in their education

From starting secondary school through to entering employment, we want to support you in approaching the key transitional stages of your education as a blind or partially sighted student. Whether you’re in secondary school, attending college or sixth form, starting university or thinking about employability, we can provide you with the information, advice and support you need to move through mainstream education.

This year, we are holding several online events that will address three key topics to aid you in transitioning to the next stage of your education:

  • #SocialEyes – socialising and social wellbeing
  • #FutureVision – forward and future planning
  • #SeeMe – self-advocacy and confidence

We will be holding three events for each of these topics, one for each stage of education: secondary school, college/sixth form and university. So, regardless of where you are currently in your education journey, there will be an event for you!

We kicked things off with our #SocialEyes events, which focused on socialising and social wellbeing. Our next set of events are the #FutureVision events, keep scrolling to find out the dates and times of the events and get signed up!

#FutureVision Events

Our #FutureVision events are designed to support you as a blind or partially sighted student in planning and preparing for your next steps. These sessions will provide you with the information, advice and guidance that will aid you in achieving your future ambitions. You will get to hear from professionals who will share exciting opportunities with you, including work experience and internship programmes.

It’s never too early or too late to start planning for your next steps, so from secondary school to graduation, we’ve got the right event for you!

#FutureVision for College

When: Wednesday 28 February 2024 @ 7pm to 8pm.

If you’re a blind or partially sighted student currently in secondary school, thinking about your different options for Further Education, for example, college, sixth form or apprenticeship schemes, then this is the perfect session for you! This event will provide you with information, advice and guidance to support you in thinking about your long-term goals and your short-term plans.

We will be discussing questions such as: Which subject(s) should I choose to study? Should I stay on at sixth form, start college or sign up to an apprenticeship scheme? What volunteering and work experience placements can benefit me in my education? You will hear from professionals that will share exciting opportunities with you that will aid you in finding and gaining work experience. You will also be advised in any concerns you may have in accessing various courses.

Register for the #FutureVision for College event!


#FutureVision for University

When: Wednesday 27 March 2024 @ 7pm to 8pm.

As a blind or partially sighted student, there can be many different questions to consider when planning to go to university: What is DSA and how do I apply? Should I go to a campus or city university? How can halls and accommodation be made accessible for me? Our #FutureVision for University event will address all of these questions and more!

We will be joined by professionals who will share useful opportunities with you, including how to gain accessible work experience, which can enhance your university applications. So, if you’re currently/considering applying for university, this session will help you plan for your next steps.

Register for the #FutureVision for University event!


#FutureVision for Employment

When: Monday 29 April 2024 @ 7pm to 8pm.

Are you a blind or partially sighted student coming to the end of your studies, or simply thinking about your different career options for the future? At our #FutureVision for Employment event, we will be supporting you in how you can enter employment as someone with a vision impairment.

We will be advising you on questions such as: What is Access To Work and how do I apply? What reasonable adjustments should an employer implement for me? How do I disclose my disability? You will hear from a member of Thomas Pocklington Trust’s Internship team, who will tell you all about the #GetSetProgress internship programme and how you can get involved.

Register for the #FutureVision for Employment event!


If you have any questions about the above events, please contact the event facilitator, Emily, on

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