Student Voices and Young Voices

At Thomas Pocklington Trust we believe every blind and partially sighted student should receive and experience a good education and feel empowered in an inclusive society. We want young people and students to get involved with our work and shape their education and community.  That is why we have two amazing groups of volunteers, Student Voices and Young Voices, helping to make positive change.  Our volunteers are a voice for blind and partially sighted students.  They inform and educate society by challenging negative perceptions of visual impairment and advocating for positive change.

Young Voices

Young Voices is a group of young people aged 11-18 years old from across the country. They come together to share ideas, develop skills and are passionate about having a positive impact on themselves and other blind and partially sighted young people. To find out who makes up our Young Voices and what they have been up to visit the Meet the Young Voices section.

Student Voices

Student Voices is a group for those aged 16 and over but still involved in education.  Our Student Voices come from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of talents and interests.  Their experiences navigating education with a vision impairment shape our work and we support them with projects to make positive change. Find out who our Student Voices volunteers are and the opportunities they have been involved in, by visiting the Meet the Student Voices section.

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