Step Five: Technology for Your Studies

The latest technology equipment may offer much needed additional support to your studies. It could also bridge the gap of accessibility to learning should you be unable to, or not require support staff assistance.

Knowing what technology is out there, how it can help you and how to use it can be a game-changer; empowering you to learn in a way which is easier, more productive and works for you. We have created some great resources to help you make the most of technology to super-charge your studies, you can find this handy information in our Education technology section.

Technology options in mainstream college may be limited due to funding restrictions and limits. There may also be equipment that has been used previously by other students which is then issued to you. Despite this, there are many great built-in features available on devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets which could make a massive difference to how you access your learning. Check out our guides to making your computer and smartphone/tablet accessible for education to take your tech game to the next level!

Where you can go for more support with technology

Ability Net and Blind in Business. Both offer advice on moving into education or work including assessments, equipment supply, ICT training and employment services.

Click here for information on Ability Net
Click here for information on Blind in Business

Queen Alexandra College (QAC) Sight Village. Their annual events provide a great opportunity to learn more and try out a wide range of equipment and assistive technology first hand.

RNIB. They provide all the latest information and updates on the technology that is available to support you throughout your studies.

Top tips

Mainstream technology ownership. Assistive technology in mainstream colleges will almost always remain as owned by the college and not yourself. This means you may have to return the equipment at a certain point as well as be liable for its condition.

New technology adaptions. Stay posted for the latest technology developments across the sector and explore how they can best support you with your studies.

Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) consideration. Your EHCP may require that you have access to specific assistive technology so keep this in mind throughout your assessment and its review.

Attend QAC Sight Village events. As mentioned, QAC Sight Village is a great opportunity to try out assistive technology in person so you can find out exactly how suitable it is for you throughout your educational journey.

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