Step Four: Funding Available

Multiple funding opportunities may be available to support you throughout your time in mainstream college. Whilst this list is not exhaustive, it will give you a broad understanding of what is available and how to apply.

Tuition fees. In England, education is free up to the age of 19. Through completing an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP), this can be extended up to age 25.

Apprenticeships. If you are aged 16 to 18, 100% of the apprenticeship will be funded by the Government. After this age, only 50% of costs are guaranteed by the Government and the employer will have to pay the rest.

Bursary fund. As a parent/carer if you are having difficulties managing the costs of full-time education, you may be eligible for the Bursary Fund Scheme.

High needs funding. After highlighting your requirement of attending a specialist college, you can apply to your local authority to submit a funding request to the Education Funding Agency (EFA). Social Services may contribute towards a place at a residential college if you need a lot of care support.

Additional funding options. Check out our Additional funding options for your studies page to find out what other funding options (such as grants) may be available to you.

Top tips

  • Apply early. For all funding opportunities, there will be a set amount available and once this has been allocated you may miss out.
  • Apply even if you’re unsure. Even if you’re not certain you will meet the criteria of the funding, it’s always worth making an application as your condition/ requirements may be considered as part of the terms of the funding process.
  • Ask for help. Speak with a representative from the funding provider to give you support on what is needed or required to make a successful funding application, they may be able to assist you further.
  • Keep up-to-date. Always check for more funding options that may become available or new ones which didn’t previously exist but do now.

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