Vision Awareness Training

Get all the help you need to upskill your workforce with vision awareness training. One of the greatest barriers we face as blind and partially sighted people participating in sport is confidence. Knowing that the sport, physical activity and leisure workforce is suitably trained to understand our needs, helps increase confidence and makes us more likely to choose that place to do our physical activity.

UK Coaching created a toolkit, Inclusive facilities: Supporting people with a visual impairment, in partnership with Thomas Pocklington Trust, which contains videos and resources that sport, physical activity and leisure operators can use to train their front line staff.

We are asking providers to encourage all their staff – from the front desk to their personal trainers – to get engaged with this FREE training and make sport accessible in their venues.

The toolkit is open to all leisure providers and gym owners and contains:

  • What is a visual impairment?
  • What makes an accessible environment?
  • Guiding and communicating
  • The benefits of an accessible environment

The toolkit is freely accessible and ideal for induction and ongoing training.  Small adjustments to activities and facilities can make a huge difference for people with a visual impairment to access physical activity and become more active.

Local Vision Awareness Support

Partnering with our Sight Loss Councils, we provide interactive vision awareness training to a diverse range of venues, including sports centres, museums, libraries and theatres. Organisations hear from blind and partially sighted people directly about challenges we face and the often-simple solutions, that can be made. At the end of our sessions, participants and organisations will have increased confidence in providing services to blind and partially sighted people and how they will be able to play their part in lessening the impact of sight loss.

For more information on Vision Awareness Training, contact us on

To accompany the training, we have also created a leaflet ‘Ask. Don’t assume’ which gives an overview of sighted guiding.

Ask. Don’t Assume Leaflet

Additional resources can be found on the following websites:

See Sport Differently

British Blind Sport

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