Progressing Your Career

Andy Bear’s journey to his current role as a Strategic Account Manager at Lockton, the world’s largest independent insurance brokerage, was far from ordinary. He didn’t follow the traditional career path, instead he opted to hang out on Devon’s beaches, drop out of university and even a had a failed attempt to join the Police Force due to an eye test.

In conversation with Martin Sigsworth, our Senior Employment Manager, Andy shares the challenges he has faced during his career including navigating through numerous mergers and takeovers, adapting to changes in leadership, adjusting to different roles, and, remarkably, resigning after 25 years with a firm because of irreconcilable differences with the Managing Director. At 47, Andy also faced the daunting prospect of redundancy.

Discover how he not only weathered these career storms but also gained valuable insights along the way.

Watch the webinar for Andy’s invaluable tips on advancing your own career


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