Being Recognised For Your Skills: Daniel Dracott

Over the past 12 years, Daniel Dracott has steadily climbed the ranks at software company CoreFiling, moving from a graduate to his current role as a Solutions Architect.

Since graduating with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Southampton, Daniel, 34 has worked at CoreFiling, a software and services company helping financial institutions with business reporting and data modelling. He explains, “My current role as a Solutions Architect involves technical planning and leadership for projects, ensuring that the work aligns with our clients’ needs. I am responsible for making sure the work produced meets the needs of our clients.”

Daniel is severely sight impaired with Nystagmus, Cataracts, Keratoconus and Congenital Stationary Night Blindness yet, he requires only a few adjustments to work in his role. Daniel’s proficiency in touch typing and his computer savviness have proven invaluable skills in his career.

In his daily work, Daniel relies on enlarged text and high-contrast settings for colour. He said, “This format significantly improves readability for me, and my colleagues ensure that work is shared with me in this accessible format.”

While Daniel prides himself on self-sufficiency and rarely requires assistance, he acknowledges the company are always accommodating to his needs. He said, “In our office, we often engage in pair programming, where two colleagues work together on the same screen. Whenever I am paired with a colleague, they will always work at my machine so I can use the adjustments I need.”

Within his team of approximately 12 colleagues, Daniel is valued for his skills and contributions. He emphasises, “My team does not treat me differently due to my disability; they look at what I bring to our work.”

Having achieved success in his role, Daniel sees a future with the company that has consistently accommodated his needs. Daniel’s manager, Nicolas, praised his continuous hard work for the company and highlighted the importance of fostering an inclusive working environment.

““We all need the right working environment to perform to the best of our ability and like everybody, Daniel has his own unique set of requirements for exactly what this entails.  Our role is simply to provide what he needs so he can perform to his best.  Daniel is dedicated and passionate and we’re proud to have him in the team.”

When asked for advice for blind or partially sighted individuals seeking employment, Daniel offers valuable insight, ” “Employers care about getting the job done. If you can do the work, even if it requires some adaption, many employers will consider hiring you.”

Outside of work,  Daniel enjoys the world of science fiction and fantasy through audiobooks, while also nurturing his passion for travel. For the past few years, he has travelled with Traveleyes, a company that pairs blind and partially sighted individuals with sighted companions. Together, they explore destinations such as Iceland, Japan, Romania and India.

Daniel’s vision impairment has not prevented him from exploring the world, having an enjoyable career, and being recognised for the contributions he brings to his company.

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