Reaching Out and Learning From Each Other

Talking to and getting to know each other is key to settling in at university and making those life-long connections. With this in mind, we would encourage everyone to do what they can to include one another, support each other and talk freely.

That’s why we have put together some great advice and guidance for blind and partially sighted students and the people around them. This information comes directly from the experiences and learning of students.

Reaching out to a blind or partially sighted student

Taking that first step and reaching out to someone who has a vision impairment can make a world of difference. Most of the time it is about those simple gestures such as saying hello or starting a conversation; asking them if you can help when you see them struggling; or inviting them to join you on a trip to the shops or a social event you are going to. These small things can make a massive difference.

Get more top tips by reading our Getting out and about at university and Living at university pages!

Advice for blind and partially sighted students

If you are a blind or partially sighted student yourself, check out the advice below to help you communicate your needs, talk about your condition with others, make new friends, try new things and make the most of university life!

Charlotte’s advice about communicating your needs

In this video, recent graduate Charlotte shares her advice for communicating your needs clearly and confidently to university staff, sports facilitators and fellow students. Watch now:

Olivia’s message to go for it!

In this blog, LOOK UK mentor Olivia, reflects on meeting new people at university,  introducing and explaining her vision impairment to friends and activity facilitators, and exploring the adaptions needed to make activities and societies accessible for her so that she could try new things.
Read her great blog and discover her top tips for making friends and trying new things at university!

Sofia’s experiences and advice

In this video we caught up with Sofia to find out more about her experiences settling in at university, meeting new people and getting involved. Check it out!

 Top tips from Deafblind UK

Would you like some advice on the best ways to approach and start communicating with someone who is deafblind?

Check out this help sheet from Deafblind UK.

Connect with other blind and partially sighted students

Come and join TPT’s Student Support Community Facebook group! Our Student Support Community is a space for blind and partially sighted students to share advice and information, ask questions, and connect with those going through similar situations in a positive, supportive environment. The group is also a great place to stay up to date with the latest news, events, and opportunities.

Deafblind UK also have a Facebook forum, for individuals affected and those supporting them. Join to learn from each other, find out about events, and connect!

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