Making College Accessible

Practical resources for colleges to get started with accessibility

An accessible-by-design approach should be at the heart of how any college supports disabled students.

Research into technology and accessibility in FE conducted by All Able Ltd on behalf of Thomas Pocklington Trust, highlighted that colleges across the UK are struggling to ensure the education they provide is accessible for blind and partially sighted students.

To support colleges, we have designed this guide, which takes you through the steps needed to make software, systems and processes more accessible. It will help colleges to better support blind and partially sighted students, by looking at digital accessibility and how colleges can embed accessibility into everything they do.

The guidance is aimed at college staff. Some actions require the support of college leadership, while others can be adopted by any member of staff into their working practices.

Read the other pages in this section to get started.

Step 1:Implement a Digital Accessibility Policy

Learn how to create and implement a digital accessibility policy at your college to ensure learning is accessible for everyone.

Find out more about 'Step 1:Implement a Digital Accessibility Policy'

Step 2: Assess and Test Your Systems and Resources for Accessibility

We outline how to assess and test the systems and resources used by students at your college for accessibility and producing accessibility statements.

Find out more about 'Step 2: Assess and Test Your Systems and Resources for Accessibility'

Step 3: Implement Accessibility From Beginning to End

Learn how to embed accessibility into your systems and resources from the start and resources on creating accessible documents.

Find out more about 'Step 3: Implement Accessibility From Beginning to End'

Step 5: Invest in Training

Find out how you can invest in training to support your staff to learn accessibility principles.

Find out more about 'Step 5: Invest in Training'

Step 6: Procuring Accessible Systems and Resources

Our handy checklist will help your college ensure new systems and resources are accessible-by-design.

Find out more about 'Step 6: Procuring Accessible Systems and Resources'

Step 4: Engage with Students

Learn how to effectively support and engage blind and partially sighted students to improve the learning experience and accessibility at your college.

Find out more about 'Step 4: Engage with Students'
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