Accessing the Future: Improving Outcomes for Learners with Vision Impairment in Post-16 Education

At Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) we are committed to breaking down barriers to ensure that blind and partially sighted students have equitable opportunities to access further education. 

TPT is a grant maker, providing grants for projects that support the delivery of positive outcomes for blind and partially sighted people across the UK.  

We were privileged to partner with the National Association for Special Educational Needs (Nasen). Providing them with a grant to fund the development of webinars, on the theme of ‘Accessing the Future: improving outcomes for learners with VI in post-16’.  

The webinars were designed around the themes  ‘Learning to Access’ and ‘Access to Learning’ as identified in the Curriculum Framework for Children and Young People with Vision Impairment. The focus is on the support for the person as well as the environmental and strategic support that settings can provide. 

Watch the webinars 

Watch the webinars below:

Webinar 1 – Learning to access 

Webinar 2 – Access to Learning 

More about the webinars

Zoe Mather, Education Officer at Nasen explained: 

“Having identified this as an area that the further education sector were particularly keen to have support, through our sector knowledge as part of the Universal SEND Services contract, and working alongside the team at TPT with their vast knowledge of the VI sector seemed a perfect match.”

Nasen worked with an advisory group including colleagues from TPT, Qualified Teachers of Vision Impairment (QTVIs) and blind and partially sighted people, to ensure the materials represented the experience and support options that are available.  

What participants had to say 

Feedback from participants was very positive: 

“Very helpful, very informative, will definitely access the web sites and use the information to hopefully make our educational setting a better place and more enjoyable and inclusive for our learners.”

“It has given me an understanding of how important it is for all involved to make the right decision from selecting a school to teaching and helping the student feel at home.” 

“It was great to receive updated information particularly about new advice devised by TPT for colleges.”

“I found this really useful, I will be supporting a visually impaired learner next academic year so some really good information that can help me prepare.”

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