Meet the Young Voices!

We are really proud of our Young Voices and the work they do to raise awareness and improve experiences within education for themselves and other blind and partially sighted students.

Head and shoulders picture of Alex

Alex, Young Voices Leader

Hi, my name is Alex, I am 20 years old and I was born with three eye conditions – Glaucoma, Aniridia, and Nystagmus. Sport is my passion.  I currently play Goalball at intermediate level for Croydon’s Croysutt Warriors and at Elite level for Birmingham. I am also part of Goalball UK’s Talent Squad as well as Goalball UK’s This Girl Can project.

I joined Young Voices as I wanted to give people an insight into what it is like as a young person with a visual impairment. I have been part of Young Voices since the very beginning, so I have recently become a Young Voices Young Leader for the group.  I hope to help the group ensure those with or without a disability are aware of our needs and I’m also passionate about making sport as accessible as possible.  I believe by providing teachers, professionals, coaches and so on with the right information they can help support the next generation of blind and partially sighted young people achieve their goals.

A picture of Samih standing in front of the camera

Samih, Young Voices Leader

Hi, my name is Samih and I’m 19 years old.  My hobbies include music, drama, volunteering and generally trying my best to help others. Like Alex, I have recently taken the role of a Young Voices Young Leader which I’m really excited about and hope to help create social media content to showcase the work the group has been doing and raise awareness for our projects.

My volunteering journey doesn’t have a clear beginning because I have always been ready to help when I can.  I previously volunteered on a youth advisory board for my local council which taught me how to represent myself as well as the views of others in my team.  Since joining Young Voices, I hope I have contributed to giving other visually impaired young people the opportunity to make changes such as how to get their educational needs met and how to socialise with other people.

A head and shoulders picture of Selvi


Hey! I’m Selvi, I’m 13 years old, and I live in London. I was diagnosed with an eye condition called achromatopsia when I was 8 months old. This affects all three types of cone photoreceptor cells in my eye and results in complete colourblindness.  I am a passionate swimmer and swim for my county squad. My favourite subjects are Computer Technology, English, Chemistry, Physics, and History. My hobbies are Shukokai Karate, where I’m working towards my 2nd brown belt, swimming, reading, and art. I also participate in Paralympic sports events such as swimming, and I’m starting to compete in para-Velodrome.

I have always wanted to be an advocate for others like me, so volunteering for Thomas Pocklington Trust has helped me make that leap and become more confident vocalising my thoughts and speaking out about it. I also want to make sure that people can accommodate our needs, and help others achieve their goals.

Phoebe, a young woman with long blonde hair, wearing a pink dress, crossing her arms, looking at the camera and smiling.


Hi, I’m Phoebe but most people call me Phoebs.  I live in Somerset but I spend most of my time in Worcester as I go to New College Worcester. I am currently in Year 11 studying History, Food Preparation and Nutrition as well as Drama. I started volunteering with TPT around September 2022.

I applied to become a Young Voices Volunteer because I wanted things to change for people who are blind or partially sighted and make everyone feel equal as well as get the help and support they need. The main thing I have loved while being a volunteer is the residentials. I’m hoping to build my skills of being more comfortable of who I am when out in public whilst using my cane. My favourite hobbies are singing, art, chatting and meeting friends as well as playing goalball. An interesting fact is that I share my birthday with three other people in my year group at school.

A head and shoulders picture of Precious, looking at the camera and smiling.


Hi, I’m Precious, I’m 16 years old and I was born with Albinism and Nystagmus.  I started volunteering as a Young Voice in Summer 2023.  I wanted to become a volunteer with Thomas Pocklington Trust because I want to help achieve accessibility and equality for visually impaired people, especially within the Arts.  I love music and play the piano and organ as well as composing my own pieces.  I have been a Scout for eight years and a young leader the three years.  Through Scouts, I have completed my bronze Duke of Edinburgh award and I’m currently working towards my Silver award.

A head and shoulders picture of Tom, a young man with glasses, looking at the camera and smiling.


Hi, I’m Tom from Yorkshire.  I’m currently in Y12 studying for my T Level Digital at college.  I started volunteering as a Young Voice in November 2023 because I wanted to help change the lives of people with a visual impairment.  I also think the Young Voices opportunities will help improve my communication and leadership skills too.  My highlight so far of Young Voices has been joining the British Youth Council Access and Assistance for All campaign.  Outside of college, I am an Explorer Scout completing my Duke of Edinburgh award and I am also a keen cyclist.  Another interesting fact is that I love dance music.