Leonard Cheshire Share Project Management Skills with Interns

In May 2024, Dave Hursthouse, Project Manager for Assistive Technology at Leonard Cheshire, delivered a Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) Skill Share session to Get Set Progress interns, employment seekers, students, Sight Loss Council volunteers and TPT employees.  

Leonard Cheshire is a pan disability charity providing support to people with disabilities, enabling them to live, learn and work as independently as they choose.   

In 2020, an assistive technology project commenced to identify and implement a range of assistive technology for customers at Hill House in Cheshire and throughout the northwest.  The ongoing project is now successfully rolling out in the northeast.  Dave was able to provide participants with a basic understanding of the principles of project management and application, through sharing real life examples of his assistive technology journey. 

Dave Hursthouse, Project Manager at Leonard Cheshire said: 

“I’m really proud of the ground breaking changes we’ve been able to deliver at Leonard Cheshire with our Assistive Technology project and it was great to be able to share some of our methodologies with Thomas Pocklington Trust interns who were a fabulous audience” 

  Charlie Rashbrook, TPT Internship Coordinator said: 

“The session was great at gaining a tangible perspective over what project management is and how the subject intertwines in between our personal and professional lives. The session was well received by all attendees with Get Set Progress interns engaging throughout and having lots to think about moving forward.” 

  Jen Sweeney, Corporate Engagement Manager at TPT said: 

“Dave was able to share the process of project management and how it applies to each of us in everyday life using a simple example of booking a holiday.  He then shared a complex assistive technology project in a simple and straightforward way, enabling participants to understand what project management is and how it is applied in the workplace.  It was interesting to hear about the challenges along the way (not least a pandemic) and how they have been overcome, and most importantly, the incredible impact the project has had amongst Leonard Cheshire customers.” 

For more information about partnerships at TPT, and to find out more about the TPT Skill Share calendar of events, please contact jen.sweeney@pocklington.org.uk 

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