Urgent Call to Address Pavement Parking Danger

Date posted: 2nd January 2024

In communities nationwide, the act of parking on pavements poses a serious threat to safety, significantly impacting those with visual impairments, parents with pushchairs, young children, wheelchair users and those with mobility challenges. Despite a resounding response of 15,000 voices during the 2020 Department for Transport consultation, no action has been taken, leaving this ongoing issue unaddressed.

Thomas Pocklington Trust is now at the forefront, urgently advocating for new laws to tackle pavement parking. This proposed legislation seeks to empower both the police and local council parking wardens for effective enforcement, with careful consideration given to exceptions for specific streets. This approach ensures a balance between safety and the overall functionality of our roads.

“It is really terrifying each time I am presented with dangerous parking, putting my life at risk”

said Bhavini Makwana, a manager at Thomas Pocklington Trust.

“As a blind person, I am urging the government to act with urgency. Each time I leave my house to go to work, shopping or do the school run, I face danger. I am forced into the road due to vehicles parked on pavements.”  

Beyond legislation, we are urging the government to launch an awareness campaign. This initiative aims to spotlight the real and often severe impacts of pavement parking on public safety.

The call to action extends to you. Your voice matters, and we encourage you to write to your Members of Parliament (MPs) urging swift action on the pavement parking issue. Waiting until after a General Election is not an option.

You can also join us in contacting the Secretary of State to express the urgency of addressing pavement parking and seeking clarity on the government’s plans.

Make your voice heard

Together, our collective voice will ensure the safety of every community member, especially those with visual impairments, remains a top priority.

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