Pavement Parking

Parking on pavements causes an obstruction and forces people to continue their journey on the road, putting them in danger. This is a problem for everyone, but especially puts blind and partially sighted people, parents with pushchairs and young children, wheelchair users and those with mobility problems at risk.

Three years ago, in 2020, the Department for Transport consulted on proposals to regulate pavement parking in England. 15,000 people responded to that consultation, but we are still waiting for action.

Pavement parking is, for historical reasons, already illegal in London and Plymouth. After new laws were introduced by the Scottish Parliament, pavement parking is also illegal in Scotland. People living in England have waited too long for this issue to be fixed.


What is the solution?

We believe that a new law should be introduced to tackle pavement parking. This can then be subject to enforcement by the police and by local council parking wardens and enforcement officers. Any new laws should allow for local councils to exempt certain streets by exception where that is justified to ensure the effective functioning of the highway.

The government should also introduce an awareness-raising campaign to highlight the impacts of pavement parking.

Help us take action by writing to your MP

We know the government does not plan to introduce legislation on new transport measures in this Parliament. But we shouldn’t have to wait until after a General Election for action to be taken. We are asking you to write to your MP to urge them to act to introduce new pavement parking laws now.

Help us take action by writing to the Secretary of State

Join us in writing to the Secretary of State, we need him to lay out the government’s plans and understand how important the issue of pavement parking is for blind and partially sighted people.

Sight Loss Councils (SLCs) are supporting this campaign by encouraging BPS people to write to their own MP. They are also working locally to ensure that pavement parking is firmly on the agenda for local authorities. This includes through highlighting how dangerous it is for BPS people to be forced onto the road and collide with vehicles.

See our campaigns in your local area by Sight Loss Councils.

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