Podcast: Teams and Zoom goes head-to-head

Accessible technology in the workplace has come a long way over the last few years allowing blind and partially sighted employees to perform roles as well as their fully sighted counterparts. In this video, the third of our #BlindAndAble videos, Alex Henderson, TPT's Communications Intern, shares how he manages TPT’s social media vehicles using a mix of magnification and screen reading software. Thanks to Nathan Churchill of Higher Aspect Media who filmed and produced these videos. For more information and examples of Nathan's work please visit https://higheraspectmedia.com Watch the video below Find out about our programme of content for Blindness Awareness Month logoIn the latest episode of The Blind Spot podcast, host Alex Henderson welcomes TPT’s Technology Champion Darren Paskell and Sight Loss Council’s Communications Officer Kevin Satizabal to discuss and debate video calling platforms Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Both of these platforms have become the new normal in terms of how we communicate with each other at work and in our personal life.

The panel will explore and discuss how each platform works, how accessible they are for blind and partially sighted people and provide some top tips.

Teams and Zoom goes head-to- head! Which platform will come out on top?


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