Banking: What You Need to Know About Accessibility

There are a range of steps that banks can take to make their services accessible for you.

Make sure you have a good understanding of your own needs before shopping for a bank as not all banks offer the same accessibility options.

Products change very quickly, it’s always worth doing your own research, work out what’s important to you, and consider what you need from a bank.

Here are some of the adaptations and modifications banks may offer, you will need to contact your bank directly to find out how they can support your needs.

Modified bank cards

  • You can get bank cards which have a notch cut out to identify which way you put it in the chip and pin or ATM.
  • Coloured cards to be able to identify which bank card is which.
  • Cards with photos of your choice printed on them to help you identify them.
  • Large Print cards.
  • Cards with braille on them.
  • Contactless, there may also be an option to switch off contactless.
  • ‘Chip and Signature’, you can sign a receipt instead of using a PIN number when making a purchase.

Modified bank statements

  • Online/paperless statements.
  • Large print black font on white paper.
  • Large print black font on yellow paper.
  • Braille (remember to request a standard statement in addition to the braille version so that you can present it to bank staff in the case of an issue).
  • Audio.

What else is available?

  • Cheque templates – a plastic overlay which tells you where and what to write in each section of your cheque, so you can write your cheques independently.
  • Card signing template – ensures your signature is within the designated box on your debit and credit cards.
  • Talking ATMs – cash machines that give you audible instructions on how to use them by plugging in headphones to the headphone jack/socket on the machine.

Keep security in mind

Not every product a bank offers will be suitable! A signature stamp may seem like a good idea but unless you have somewhere safe to keep it, you could be at risk from having your signature stolen, leaving yourself open to being the victim of fraud.

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