Seven Steps into Work Experience

Work experience is a great way to learn more about the world of work, develop new skills, grow a network of contacts and gain essential experience to help you think about study, training or your future career.

Traditionally most work experience takes place in school or college during years 10 to 12 for  one to two weeks, within the summer term between May and July.

It is important not to leave preparations until the last minute, so if you are looking for a placement in the second half of summer term make your approach in the first half of spring term – at the very latest.

We have set out seven handy steps to setting up your own work experience, whilst at school or college.

Check out the steps...

Step One: Narrowing Your Options

Find out the questions you need to ask yourself to help narrow your options and figure out what you want from your work experience.

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Step Two: Exploring What Jobs You Could Do

Explore what jobs you could do as part of your work experience and find out what careers other blind and partially sighted people are doing.

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Step Three: Choosing the Right Work Experience

Learn about the different types of work experience and which is the right one for you.

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Step Four: Identifying an Employer

Find out about the different approaches you can take to finding your work experience opportunity.

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Step Five: Approaching an Employer

Discover how to make the approach to the employer you wish to set up your work experience with and don’t forget to download our handy approach letter template!

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Step Six: Getting the Right Support in Place

Find out what you need to do to make sure you have all the right support in place to make the most of your work experience.

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Step Seven: After Your Work Experience

Learn how to use what you have gained from your work experience to benefit you moving forward onto the next step of your education/career journey, don’t forget to grab the handy checklist!

Find out more about 'Step Seven: After Your Work Experience'
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