Accessible Home Testing

Our #MakeHealthAccessible campaign focuses on deliveringaccessible health informationand accessible at home health tests. Currently a number of at home tests provided by the NHS are not fully accessible to blind and partially sighted people. These include cancer screening, diabetes tests and even pregnancy. This undermines the independence of blind and partially sighted people, but also exposes them to greater risk of long term health issues due to an inability to access regular and routine testing.

Take action on accessible home testing

Ask your MP to write to the new Health Secretary calling on her to deliver accessible home testing.

Inaccessible health tests mean blind and partially sighted people risk detecting symptoms late and being at greater risk of serious illness than everyone else. This same situation means the NHS must pay more to treat severe illness that should have been avoided. We’re asking the government to launch a pan-disability taskforce to fix this problem and deliver an action plan to #MakeHealthAccessible.

Help us by writing to your MP.

  • Share your experience of at-home tests

    We still need your input! Lived experience is a powerful tool and we want to use your voices to make the case for at-home medical tests to be made accessible, while also ensuring the in-surgery awareness to help people with sight loss doesn’t disappear as new devices are invented. We ask you to complete our survey to hammer this point home. Your feedback will help us prove the importance of this issue, describe the challenges you face with specific test types and paint an accurate, current picture of BPS people’s experiences with testing at home.

    Complete our survey

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Accessible Bowel Cancer Screening Test

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