Our Six to Fix

On the 29th March, Sight Loss Council (SLC) volunteers from around the country visited Westminster for the first ever ‘Meet the Sight Loss Councils’ event in the House of Commons.

Hosted by Marsha De Cordova MP, volunteers briefed MPs on some of the key issues facing blind and partially sighted people. Armed with six key issues that affect the lives of blind and partially sighted people every day, volunteers asked MPs to raise key issues in Parliament and to increase awareness and understanding of the needs and aspirations of blind and partially sighted people in the Halls of Westminster.

With so many MPs in attendance, volunteers were able to set up further meetings to ensure that the voice of BPS people will be heard loud and clear in the national conversation.

Here are the ‘six to fix’ issues volunteers raised with MPs:

  1. Good healthcare services are vital for everyone but many blind and partially sighted people face long waits to access eye health services, risking a deterioration or onset of preventable sight loss. Many people do not receive health information such as appointment letters in a format they can access such as braille, large print or audio. Find out more about our #MakeHealthAccessible campaign.
  2. Employment is another big priority for blind and partially sighted people – both getting a job and staying in employment as their sight deteriorates. The attitudes of employers can prevent access to opportunities along with employers not making the necessary adjustments. Find out more about our employment work.
  3. Navigating the streets and built environment with obstructions on pavements, shared pedestrian and active travel spaces and e-scooters is another important issue for visually impaired people living with sight loss. Read more about our #StreetsForAll campaign.
  4. Accessible public transport is important in enabling blind and partially sighted people to get around independently. This means train and bus services that are easy to navigate, accessible information on travel times, routes and prices and training for staff and passenger assistance schemes that are reliable and effective.
  5. Accessing education and support for children and young people with visual impairments. This includes getting good support in education and helping young adults to live independently. You can find out more about our student support service.
  6. Good access to social and leisure opportunities is also important to blind and partially sighted people. This includes accessible sport and leisure, audio description services on television, cinema and theatre. Find out more about our #MakeSportAccessible campaign.

Education Policy

Find out about the work we do to lobby Government and decision makers to help ensure blind and partially sighted people can pursue their educational aspirations.

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Our engagement work covers includes external affairs and campaigns and the campaigning work of our Sight Loss Councils, Student Voices, Young Voices and our Student Support team to improve the lives of blind and partially sighted people.

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