One Year of Eye Care and You webinars

It has been a year since Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) started hosting the monthly Eye Care and You webinars to share information, advice and tips for eye health and sight loss.

In total, we have had 308 attendees and we have covered a broad range of eye care and sight loss-focused topics. So far we have covered 12 different topics, including Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS), Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy and The Effects of Mental Health and Stress on your Eyes.

During these webinars, we have expert speakers who answer questions from attendees. So far we have addressed over 106 enquiries from our attendees during the Q&A sessions. Some of them are:

  • Where is an Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) located in an eye clinic?
  • Do Certificates of Vision Impairment (CVI’s) differ depending on where you are in the country?
  • I have never heard of a rehab worker, what do they do and how can I get in touch with mine?
  • Should we all be wearing sunglasses in the summer, and what type?
  • Can dry eyes cause damage to our vision?


Our speakers so far have consisted of eye health and mental health professionals, as well as people who work within the sight loss sector. Attendees have found great value in the webinars, with feedback including comments such as:

“Thank you for an incredibly informative and interesting presentation.”

“Thank you for the very informative programme.”


With the Eye Care and You webinars, we have been the bridge between the attendees and the services and information they needed or did not know about. We also cover a range of topics, including where there are gaps in information to raise awareness around eye care. In this way, we have created a platform for people to learn more about their subject of interest, when it comes to eye health, and signpost them should they want further information or access to services.


We welcome everyone! Our audience consists of eye health professionals, rehabilitation workers, friends and family members of people living with sight loss and eye conditions and all who are interested in learning more about how to maintain eye health.

Watch back some of our previous webinars below:


Eye Care and You webinar 10 – All About An ECLO


Eye Care and You webinar 11 – Protecting Your Eyes

Eye Care and You webinar 12 – What is Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS)?


Webinars one through eight are available on the London Vision YouTube channel. Some of the topics covered include:


Eye Care and You webinar 2 – Know Your Professionals

Eye Care and You webinar 3 – How The Eye Works


You can register to attend future webinars, by sending us an email to: or call 020 3761 3651.


The webinars usually take place on the second Tuesday of every month. Be sure to keep an eye out on our website and social media channels for updates about each one.

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