Thomas Pocklington Trust awards Visionary £1.3m

Date posted: 7th March 2020

Thomas Pocklington Trust has just awarded the membership organisation, Visionary, £1.3m as part of a three-year agreement.

Charles Colquhoun, CEO at Thomas Pocklington Trust, said: “We are pleased to be able to make this substantial investment into this important organisation that represents so many other charities and local societies in this sector.  Visionary shares our ambitions in supporting blind and partially sighted people to live the life they want to lead”.

The two organisations have a history of close collaboration, working together for the benefit of blind and partially sighted people, with TPT providing grant funding, support services and seconded staff, since 2015.

Michael Conroy, Vice Chair of Visionary, said: “I would like to thank TPT for its generous support to date and for the coming three years.  Its support has allowed us to expand our activities, grow the Visionary membership and strengthen our collective voice which will have a positive impact on the lives of blind and partially sighted people”.

Visionary’s CEO, Fiona Sandford, added: “This funding will ensure that Visionary can connect with local sight loss organisations, work alongside them to develop services and share the success of local, community-based organisations to improve the sight loss sector”.

The agreement, which came into effect on 1 January 2020, includes funding and other resources for a three-year period, with a view to extension after this period subject to Visionary successfully achieving the objectives outlined in the agreement.

Visionary supports a national network of sight loss organisations, local societies and charities.  Established by its members as The National Association of Local Societies for Visually Impaired People almost three decades ago, it changed its name to Visionary in 2010.

TPT is expected to announce further updates on funding to its close partners in the coming months.

Editors’ Notes

About Thomas Pocklington Trust

Thomas Pocklington Trust is a national charity dedicated to enabling and empowering blind and partially sighted people of all ages to live the life they want to lead. We are committed to increasing awareness and understanding of their needs and aspirations and to working with partners to develop and implement services which meet these needs and improve lives.  This includes:

  • Acting as an advocate and positive change agent for blind and partially sighted people.
  • Creating opportunities for blind and partially sighted people seeking employment.
  • Enabling opportunities for blind and partially sighted people entering education.
  • Facilitating the voice and encouraging self-determination of blind and partially sighted people.
  • Being an effective grant funder based on our knowledge of the sector.

About Visionary

Visionary is a membership organisation. Its aim is to establish a strong sustainable national network of high quality local voluntary organisations to join up with national organisations and public sector providers to ensure that all people living with sight loss in the UK can access the services they need at a local level when they need them.


Tel: 020 8090 9264

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