Children at the Heart of Funding – the power of one voice

Date posted: 4th June 2018

At Thomas Pocklington Trust, we believe that working together to have one clear voice is powerful – which is why we supported the campaign calling on the Government to put Children at the Heart of Funding.

We proudly put our name on a letter to the Minister of Education, calling for increased funding for Specialist Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). The evidence that services and support that children rely on are at breaking point is compelling and cannot be ignored.

The campaign has won the support of parliamentarians and garnered significant media coverage. That there was no mention of SEND funding in the Chancellor’s 2018 budget emphasises the need for this campaign.  It is simply unacceptable that children with vison impairment will be completing yet another school year without the support that they need.

Children and young people with vision impairment require specialist support and equipment to aid them in their learning and to develop independence skills. High Needs Funding (HNF), usually allocated by local authorities for this support is being squeezed. As a result, we are seeing a decline in the level of support available.

Thomas Pocklington Trust will continue to put pressure on the Government to ensure that HNF is suitably resourced. Quality services must be in place to support children and young people with vision impairment. They must have access to a good education, providing them with the skill set and independence needed to live a successful adult life.

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