What do we see? film shortlisted in Charity Film Awards

Date posted: 17th February 2022

Thomas Pocklington Trust’s film What do we see? is shortlisted in the 5th Charity Film Awards.


The awards, organised by Smiley Movement CIC*, celebrate the brilliant use of film as a powerful storytelling tool for charities to change mindsets and raise awareness of good causes.


What do we see? simulates how the world looks through the eyes of people who are visually impaired as they go about their everyday lives. It includes the six most common eye conditions in the UK today: Cataracts, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Hemianopia, Age-related Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma.


More than 300 charities took part in the 2022 Charity Film Awards and there were nearly 40,000 votes in the first round of public voting.

All finalists’ films will now be scored by a panel of expert judges with the winners announced at a gala ceremony in London in March 2022.

The event will be live-streamed at 19:30 GMT, so you can watch the ceremony and the amazing winning films here.

The second round of voting  for the “People’s Choice” award is now open and  it closes on the 18th of March. Even those who voted in the first round can vote again.

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TPT’s Chief Executive, Charles Colquhoun, said: “As an organisation, TPT aims to increase awareness and understanding of the needs and aspirations of blind and partially sighted people.

“Visual impairment varies greatly from person to person and it is difficult to demonstrate what people with the various conditions experience.  This is because there is a spectrum of severity, not everyone will experience a sight condition in exactly the same way and sometimes a condition will even fluctuate throughout the day. We worked with our partners RNIB and Glaucoma UK to provide the most accurate representation for each sight condition.

“We hope our being shortlisted as a finalist in these awards will create a platform for more people to see the film and have a better understanding of these conditions.”


Nicolas Loufrani, CEO of Smiley Movement, said: “Nothing captures hearts and minds like film. These amazing films from wonderful causes absolutely demonstrate the importance of film for charitable campaigning.

“It’s vital we support all causes – big or small. A huge congratulations to all the Finalists, who should be delighted with the public support for their films through the campaign. We’re incredibly proud that Smiley Movement’s investment in the Charity Film Awards has already generated 500,000 additional views on these films.”


Watch our film:

What do we see?


TPT also created a sequel What do we see 2 – How the world looks to vision impaired children and young people which simulates the five  most common conditions affecting vision impaired children and young people in the UK today.

In this video we  simulated  the  conditions in an educational setting and used augmented reality to show how things typically look to those living with: Nystagmus, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Cataracts, Retinopathy of Prematurity and Optic Atrophy.



About the Charity Film Awards

Launched six years ago, the Charity Film Awards is the world’s biggest campaign to promote cause-based films. Since its creation more than 2,000 causes have benefitted from the awards, gaining exposure, donations and volunteers. More than a quarter of a million members of the public have voted in the awards, around eight percent of which also went on to donate to the charities. Through media coverage the awards have reached nearly 500 million people around the world, boosting the profile of organisations and raising awareness about their causes.

For more information and the full list of finalists in each category visit: www.smileymovement.org/awards


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