Education technology support webinar

This webinar from 14 October 2021 looked at technology and specialist equipment available within education for vision impaired children.

Technology within education has come a long way over the last few years.  Keeping abreast of what specialist equipment is available and what it is capable of can be daunting.  Our webinar looked at how this can support young people with vision impairment in education and what is available.

The expert panel comprised representatives from  Humanware, Sight and Sound, Guide Dogs and RNIB, and was chaired by TPT’s Technology Information Champion, Darren Paskell.

If you missed this or would like to watch it again, please see the recording of the session below:


Contact details

For any questions or support, check out our Student Support pages  or email us on: or if you would like to visit the VitalTech website which has details of assistive technology visit:

Contact details for the organisations on our expert panel are:

Humanware – email: or visit

RNIB Bookshare – visit  or phone 0300 303 8313

Sight and Sound – email:  or visit

Guide Dogs – visit: or phone 0800 781 1444

Helpful links from the webinar

Braille Lego –
Living Paintings –
RSBC learning Braille –

If you require further support or guidance with appeals for education health care plans (EHCP) contact
your local IAS service which can be found through

For support with appeals or if you would like templates for EHCPs please go to IPSEA:

For the SEND code of practice:

If you are interested in applying for grants for equipment visit:

About the panel

Martin Roberts

Martin Roberts works for HumanWare and specialises in providing demonstrations and technical support for HumanWare’s blindness product line throughout the UK. He has travelled widely, representing the company for many years, at times being accompanied both by a guide dog and a white cane.

Martin gained an in depth understanding of the advantages, disadvantages and challenges of mainstream and specialist education environments from his own experiences of attending both kinds of schools. He studied in Preston at the University of Central Lancashire, later joining HumanWare after graduating with a BA in social policy.

Though Martin is a keen technology enthusiast, he is particularly passionate about technologies that can make a positive difference and enrich people’s lives.

Photo of Stuart Lawler

Stuart Lawler

Stuart is Head of Content Creation and Business Development Manager at Sight and Sound Technology.

He oversees the company’s production of webinars, podcasts, blogs, videos and other media that is used across sales, training and customer service.

As Business Development Manager in Ireland, Stuart is responsible for driving the company’s activities across products, training, technical support and customer service.

He has over 20 years’ experience working in the Assistive Technology sector and is totally blind.

He believes passionately that technology is the greatest equaliser for people with disabilities and is particularly interested in how assistive and mainstream technology can work hand-in-hand to enhance access.

Head and shoulders photograph of Shiraz Ayub

Shiraz Ayub

Shiraz is an experienced QTVI who originally trained as an ICT teacher and has worked with a range of children with VI across Key Stages since 2010.

Previously, he led an Additional Resource Centre in a large secondary mainstream school with a high number of braillists and specific technology needs.

Currently, Shiraz splits his time working for Guide Dogs two days a week as a Special Education Support Officer and three days a week as a Peri QTVI for a local authority.

Photo of Stacy Scott

Stacy Scott

Stacy works as Bookshare (UK education resources for VI learners) and Publisher Relationships Manager at RNIB. She also sits on a number of ancillary boards and panels, including being a Trustee of Merton Vision and a member of the Regional Stakeholder Network for Parliament.

Outside of work, Stacy can usually be found travelling; walking her dog; tandem riding; caving; climbing or skiing.